The New Standard in HTML5 Animation

August 12, 20153 Minutes

I’ve been in the industry for 10 yrs now (started doing interactive stuff as a freelance when I was 19) and I encountered every new technology when it comes to making things move on screen. Flash was the main standard back in the day when it comes to animation and you’re considered as one of the “cool kids” in the industry if you know how to control this technology. The Flash technology made me pay a LOT of bills and taught me how to be a designer and an adept programmer at the same time. But as any other technology, change is inevitable and that change was accelerated by Apple’s Steve Jobs – making Flash’s popularity dwindle over the years.

Flash still has its uses and it can still do a lot of things that HTML5 can’t do today. But that will soon change because the very popular Flash animation library has been ported to JavaScript by the same guy who created it for Flash.

Enter GSAP

GSAP is a Javascript library based on the popular Greensock library in Flash. It uses the same syntax, the same mechanics, and the same logic in making things move around the screen – the only difference is it’s now in Javascript and that means you can use it on your HTML5 projects. It has tons of features and it’s VERY FAST! This library has been the industry standard when it comes to animating objects in HTML5. Lots of high profile companies like (ie: Google, Twitter, etc) are also using this library in their projects and that makes us no different fit athletic. Every KIKA project uses the latest technologies when it comes to web design and development. We need to always adapt and make sure we are always ahead of the game.

I’ll be posting a quick but in-depth tutorial on how to utilize this library including some tips and tricks I’ve been using in the past that could help you a lot of time when it comes to animating things 😉 For now, check out the cool new features of this amazing library at: or if you want to dive in, you can also check the library’s very detailed documentation. And yes, KIKA is using this new HTML5 animation standard in our own website \m/