Kika Marketing at the heart of the digital community

November 10, 20175 Minutes

Kika Marketing was at eCOMMTL 2017, a major business conference held on September 13 to 14, 2017 at the Centre Mont-Royal in Montreal. During both days, we took part in some very exciting conferences, workshops, and networking events alongside the largest companies in Montreal.

The running theme of this year’s gathering was centered around ‘the digital world,’ and as a marketing agency in Montreal, one of our primary missions is to stay up-to-date on advances and developments within this domain. In taking the digital turn and integrating information and communication technologies, it’s evident that companies within Quebec are attempting to achieve the same thing we are.

Sid Lee on how to integrate these changes in a few steps

The workshop we appreciated the most was lead by Sid Lee’s Christian Quenneville and Virginie Lessard. A workshop that was NOT simply an attempt at making a good impression on us, but to actually share relevant information and advice based on REAL experiences. Transforming into a digital business is an arduous process and you should be wary of people trying to sell you things that would hinder your progress. However, if implemented within the right team, you won’t regret the change. So, arm yourself with “it’s okay,” but beware of “so much to do, we shouldn’t add that.

Don’t forget traditional media

The Power of Emotion was the title of a conference lead by Louis Morissette. “I feel like I was at a Tesla conference and I said I loved my Hummer.” Based on his own accomplishments, this businessman explained the importance of not only crafting an experience for your audience, but an emotion as well, and that, despite digital media gradually crushing traditional media, you cannot underestimate the power of nostalgia. Despite new technological advances, the population is heterogeneous and aren’t all driven to digital media; it was a lecture that spoke to the romantics in the dawn of the digital age.

A male domain

The conference titled Numérique au Féminin was particularly interesting and was lead by Elizabeth Stefanka, founder of Stefanka and an altogether inspiring, authentic woman. The experiences she shared, although somewhat disturbing, taught us that even today women have it harder than men. Little by little, we can change this relationship with the support of our peers. Fortunately for us at Kika Marketing, Annika Panzini demonstrates that being a boss, founder and president can work together harmoniously.

Your business values are more important than you think

The workplace is constantly evolving and the new generation requires a commitment from employers to their employees and then to their community. This new approach has inspired many business leaders to focus on this in order to differentiate themselves from the competition. This phenomenon has a mantra:

“Look how happy we are here!”
“We help the community shine!”

This is exactly what our last conference was about. Employer and Culture Brand: How to Make Your Business Shine lead by the masters domain, including Simon De Baene of Gsoft, Sébastien Morin of Mirego, Peggy Boustany of Shopify and Josée Girard of Rio Tinto. Although each speaker recounted different experiences, they shared a unanimous underlying message: a happy employee increases the performance of your business. The values ​​conveyed in your business must truly reflect your way of conducting yourself in-house and relationships you’ve established with the community and, more importantly, your employees.

A shift we understand

Kika is this kind of agency, one that seeks constant improvement and supports its employees through the changes implemented within its business model. We aspire to be the best in our field and have developed effective methods to successfully build strong relationships with our clients, generating measurable results. Attending these conferences made it clear to us that, at Kika Marketing, we’re doing it right.