Kika in the Cannabis Industry

November 13, 20176 Minutes

Did you know that Kika Marketing has been working in the cannabis industry since 2014?

By work, we do not mean that we have both hands in compost, but from the strategic positioning and design of companies to the implementation of marketing strategies, we’ve kick started many companies in this industry. We were, among others, the marketing agency behind Rubicons Organics and all four of it’s brands.

Rubicon Organics is a leading private investment company specializing in the growth, processing, packaging and marketing of organic affordable, sustainable cannabis for the masses.

Rubicon Organics was founded in 2014 by a small group of industry entrepreneurs who saw the opportunity to develop a brain trust that would help steward and shape the emerging legal cannabis industry. They have become an organization with world-class expertise in all areas of the cannabis industry including; experienced visionaries, brand architects, investors, agricultural professionals, skilled scientists and local operators. They are a principles-driven company that believes the best teams create the best results.

In addition to being responsible for developing the Rubicon Organics brand and all it’s assets, we also developed of their subsidiary brands; Doctor and Crook Co. and Thrifty Cannabis. We worked with 123west to develop 1964 Supply co brand, and then ran with the ball to develop all the online marketing assets and bring the brand to market with a bang.

What else did we do for these brands?

From conception to implementation we did it all. Over the course of three years we worked tirelessly to build brands and brand assets so that they would stick out of the crowd with interactive websites that drove sales and met customer demands. Public relations, advertising campaigns, online marketing, custom in store point of purchase displays, launch party events, vendor day strategies and materials, and much more.

Doctor and Crook Co.

A collective of craftsmen, pioneers and scientists with more than 15 years experience in the cultivation of organic cannabis. They have gone from being mavericks, secretly growing our crops off the grid, to being set up in a world-class high-tech Tier 3 facility. They’ve used the lessons they’ve learned ensure to provide their clientele with the best possible craft cannabis.

1964 Supply Co.

1964 Supply Co. is a Cannabis Craft Brand focus on sustainability, innovation and creativity. They collaborate with some of today’s most influential and emerging visual artists of to create a unique collections that celebrate craftsmanship, authenticity and innovation.

Thrifty Cannabis

When you want to sell high quality cannabis with large nugs, you need to have a brand that will take care of the small baby nugs of goodness as well. Thrifty has taken off as a quality bulk product at an affordable price. “Smoke shouldn’t make you broke”

We are also behind Melted Leaf’s branding.

Clean, quality and authentic cannabis products for you to appreciate at home or on the go, allowing you to melt into the fabric of your reality wherever you are. With discretion in mind, we created pods, pens and cartridges that can be tucked away and pulled out just when you need them most. We want you to get melted with us, and we think it’s about time you did.

We have also recently launched a new brand called Viridium Pacific.

They are located in British Columbia and are involved in consumer welfare and biotechnological innovation. With interests spanning across agricultural production, property development, and financial services, Viridium Pacific is positioned to develop and expand into new markets across multiple platforms. They manage several operating subsidiaries, including Experion Biotechnologies Inc., a licensed Health Canada producer.


These experts believes that innovation has the power to change the world. They are constantly looking for new ways to innovate on behalf of their customers and stakeholders – from individuals who shop for our high quality medical cannabis, growers who rely on our nursery supply platform, and distributors who count on our attractively priced wholesale product every month. Their commitment to innovation is how they make life better for their customers.

We have accumulated a lot of experience over the years and we can comfortably say that we know the ins and outs of the Cannabis industry, so if you are looking to develop a Cannabis brand that stand out from the rest, you know who to come see.