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Maintain a favorable image with
the general public and media

In today’s marketplace, image is everything. You want your brand to
stand out with your consumers while maintaining a positive light with
the media. This is a lot to handle and that’s why Kika can help you out.
With veteran media relation specialists, we’ll ensure your company’s
image achieves maximum positive impact on your target audiences.

KIKA | Direct Marketing

Core Features of Direct Marketing

Our direct marketing packages come with a full set of initiatives specially adapted to fit your needs.

Market Research

We gather data on the latest trends to get a picture of where the market is moving and identify potential opportunities to support, and even drive, your campaign.

Strategy Workshop

Workshops help to align your team around a direct marketing strategy that builds awareness and creates interest around your brand. It’s a rare opportunity to brainstorm and collaborate in real-time to set the tone for the rest of the work.

Strategic Plan

We guide all actions around your direct marketing program by developing a strategic plan designed to generate leads and maximize reach through direct communication activities with your targeted audience.

Tailored Mailing List

We help build your own mailing list by using internal and external sources as well as setting up platforms that allow you to collect names and contact information from interested parties.

Mailout Schedule Setup

Delivering a consistent experience is our top priority. Schedules help to prioritize and plan out the mailout's sequence of activities, ensuring that the tasks are clear and carried out on time.

Mailout Design System

Our design team are experts at developing branded mailout design templates that feature promotional content with specific “call to actions” designed to directly engage and incite a response from your recipients.

KIKA | Direct Marketing
Mailout Distribution

Promotional mailouts are sent out regularly to reach new audiences and incite action. We handle all aspects of your direct mail campaigns, including overall planning, mail design creation, logistics and vendor management.

Post-Direct Mail Reporting

A report is prepared to update you on the results of your direct mail campaign. It includes details on its effectiveness, as well as a list of suggested strategies to improve its performance.

Competitive Analysis

Get insights into how you fit within your competitive landscape. We take a deep dive into your key rivals so we can create a value proposition that sets you apart.

KIKA | Direct Marketing
CRM List Integration

In order to send targeted and personalized mailouts, we leverage your existing CRM platform to integrate and organize your mailing list into segmented groups based on set criteria such as audience, interest, and engagement types.

Direct Marketing Optimization

Once your direct marketing campaign is launched, we continuously monitor, audit and optimize its performance to ensure accountability and a positive return on investment.

Direct Marketing Management

We plan, direct and coordinate ongoing direct marketing activities to maintain direct communication with your audience.

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