Website Audit Services

Improve the quality of your
website with in-depth insights

Sometimes you need an expert assessment of your current website to
understand what’s keeping it from performing at its peak. At Kika, we
conduct thorough website audits to identify potential technical, usability
and design issues that may be affecting your website, and deliver
solutions to improve its performance for maximum results.

Core Features of Website Audit

Our website audit packages include a full set of features tailored to your business.

Market Research

We perform rigorous market research and analysis to understand the dynamics of your market, uncover what appeals to your audience, and identify opportunities for growth.

Competitive Analysis

Get data-driven insights into your competitors’ website activities. We run a thorough competitive audit to identify what is working for them so that we can build upon those strategies and improve your competitive position.

Technical Site Audit

We run a thorough audit of your website to uncover technical issues that may inhibit your website from running at peak performance. This includes broken links, coding errors, duplicate content and more.

Website Usability Review

We evaluate the user experience and design of your website to identify areas that are causing grief for site visitors. This includes navigation structure, page design, site functionality and more.

SEO & Content Analysis

We assess the content on your site and pinpoint issues that may be keeping it from getting higher engagement and conversion rates. This includes SEO on-page factors, clarity of the copy, and more.

Detailed Audit Report

Our findings are synthesized into a detailed report. It summarizes the key problems and opportunities uncovered in our analysis, as well as a list of recommended solutions to improve the performance of your website.

We use a proven approach to take an in-depth look into your current website and
provide a detailed plan that improves all aspects of your website.

We evaluate the needs of your company to create an optimal strategy.

Before Kika begins auditing your website, it’s important that we sit down with you and determine what you want your website to achieve. That way, we’re always certain that your website audit provides the desired results, and is also tailored to your business objectives, brand identity and target market.

Each website audit project begins with you completing a questionnaire about the site’s business objectives and a description of the site’s three most important user groups and their goals. This is also where we gather all relevant information and materials. From here, Kika will schedule a kickoff meeting where we will review the provided information, outline the next steps, discuss your expectations and answer any questions you and your team may have.

We assess your website to get a complete picture of the situation.

Once Kika knows what you want, we then conduct an in-depth analysis and evaluation of your website’s key frontend and backend components to identify areas that need improvement for maximum effectiveness. Our experience in designing and developing dynamic and engaging websites and our particular skills in online marketing allow us to determine the quality of specific aspects of your site, such as usability, visitor friendliness and profitability. Kika goes into great depth to give you an honest, realistic picture.

We formulate a game plan to help you achieve the results you want.

Once we’ve determined what your website is currently achieving, we can place the results against your business objectives and develop a website strategy catered to the specific needs of your business. Kika’s web marketing experts define concrete actions and strategies that are geared toward delivering an exceptional ROI. Our recommendations are bound to help increase your site’s usability, boost conversation and reduce bounce rates.

At the end of this website audit process, we distil our findings into a detailed audit report that will become your roadmap to success. It summarizes our observations and recommendations in an easy to understand format outlining the current state of your website, the steps necessary to put it on the right path and the benefits of each to your end-game to improve your site’s usability, user engagement and profitability.

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