Take control of your content with our fully-customized WordPress website design and development services in Vancouver.

Updating your website has never been easier. With the use of our WordPress website services, the days of depending on others to update your content are gone forever. Kika offers fully customized WordPress solutions, giving you the ability to display exactly the content you want on your website at any given time, without any technical knowledge.

KIKA | WordPress Development

Core Features of Wordpress Development

Our WordPress CMS website packages include a full set of features tailored to your business.

KIKA | WordPress Development
Market Research

Good research is key to designing an effective user experience. It enables us to understand what your audience actually needs in order to deliver a solid website strategy that appeals to them.

KIKA | WordPress Development
Website Requirements

We guide all actions around your website by developing a project plan outlining a list of functional and technical requirements. It sets out a consistent design and scalable framework from which the website can evolve over time.

KIKA | WordPress Development
Information Architecture

Bridge the gap between user and content. We apply IA best practices to structure content in a clear and understandable way, ensuring users can find what they need within an easy-to-use navigational system.

KIKA | WordPress Development
Wireframe Prototype Creation

Wireframes shape the layout of your design. Our design team experiments with format and composition to establish a schematic design that optimizes the user experience on desktop and mobile devices.

KIKA | WordPress Development
UI/UX Mockup Design

Our design team applies user-centered design principles to deliver high-fidelity and interactive UI/UX mockups that function beautifully and intuitively for an unparalleled user experience.

KIKA | WordPress Development
Responsive Coding

Our team of web developers are experts at building websites with standards-compliant code optimized to load fast and consistently on all screen sizes and devices as well as on the latest web browsers.

KIKA | WordPress Development
Wordpress Integration

We power your website with WordPress and extend its functionality with a core set of popular plugins. Your team will be able to easily make content updates without any technical knowledge required.


KIKA | WordPress Development
Basic SEO Setup

We’ll make sure your website is properly set up for inclusion in Google’s search engine by integrating basic on-page SEO elements, including analytics integration, metadata creation, and xml sitemap submission.

KIKA | WordPress Development
Web Copy Creation

Our wordsmiths craft web-friendly and engaging copy that not only sounds good but is also optimized with the proper keywords and structure to help your website rank higher in search engines.

KIKA | WordPress Development
Security Enhancements

Website security is an ongoing concern in today’s digital age. We implement an SSL certificate and other basic security measures to protect your website from cyber attacks and malicious traffic.


KIKA | WordPress Development
Performance Optimization

Page load speed is a major factor in ranking on search engines and maintaining a positive user experience. We optimize file sizes and minify source codes to improve site performance.

KIKA | WordPress Development
Website Training

We'll schedule a training session with your key staff to show them how to effectively manage your website. A user manual will also be prepared containing detailed step-by-step instructions.

Key Benefits of Wordpress Websites

There are several benefits to choosing to go with a CMS website and you’ll find more the deeper you go.

With a CMS you can utilize templates that give you a head start in the development process, and you can also add, delete, or edit the content on your pages through a convenient user interface. With static HTML pages, it’s much more difficult to express yourself as a developer because it requires a great amount of skill to match the quality of a CMS-generated page.

CMS can be improved and expanded upon infinitely because they are open-source software. Well-known CMS systems such as WordPress have several thousands of plugins available, all of which extend the functionality of the platform – allowing you to perform tasks that were previously impossible, or simplifying tasks that are currently mundane.

One interesting factor that is not seen until a company has owned a CMS for a period of time is the capability to easily scale and adapt the site’s functionality. For instance, a CMS can be completely re-purposed, as a directory site or a download site. A major function such as a forum or blog can often be added without much difficulty. This is impossible with a flat HTML site, which would have to be totally rebuilt.

A basic CMS with an advanced design is faster to implement than an HTML site with an equally adventurous design. Custom coding for either comes out at the same timescale, but if there are many pages then the CMS wins out. A large site is much faster to build on a CMS than by hand-coding. A ‘skinny’ CMS handling basic publishing only, with no fancy frills, could be online within 2 hours from the get-go.

We develop WordPress websites that capture and retain your audience’s attention.

Investing in a website has become a necessity. But not any website will do the trick. Consider building your website with WordPress, the most popular content management system in the world.

Your WordPress website can be a small online brochure or it can be an enterprise-level platform – but no matter what, it can only support your business success if you treat your website like it’s the storefront of your company. With the right design and features, you have a great opportunity to positively influence the consumers’ perceptions of your brand, and in turn, affect their purchasing decisions.

Kika offers CMS website solutions tailored to your needs.

Business owners are faced with several ways of developing their website. It can become a rather overwhelming process. Kika works closely with you to understand your business objectives so we can put together the best website strategy for your business.

At Kika, we design and develop functional WordPress websites based on your requirements and give you all the tools necessary to administer their content and features. We provide custom solutions so that you have all the applications, features and modules you need to manage your website’s content.

Take control of your content with an easy-to-use CMS solution.

Kika offers fully customized WordPress solutions, giving you a website with all the features you want and need. Our WordPress websites are easy to manage, which means you can update your content at any time without any technical knowledge, ensuring your website always displays the most current information to your visitors.

Websites with a content management system like WordPress allow you to change, add or edit the content on your website quickly and easily, without depending on anyone to do it for you. You can access the CMS from anywhere in the world through a web browser with an internet connection, and the CMS requires no programming knowledge and minimal training to use. Thanks to Kika, nothing can stop you from displaying exactly the content you want on your website at any given time.

Kika gives you the tools to keep your website optimized and up-to-date.

With the internet getting more and more competitive each year, it’s no question that businesses who carefully plan their websites with great design, extended functionalities, and the right set of tools will generate more online exposure and move up the search engine results faster.

By having the means to easily update your website content on a regular basis, Kika also gives you the tools necessary to have a website fully optimized for search engines. Constantly growing content with a wide variety of keywords means that your website will appear in a greater number of searches, while fresh new information will keep visitors returning to learn more and feel more attached to your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A content management system, or CMS for short, is essentially a database-driven, web-based application that lets you design, organize, and manage your websites with ease.

As a non-technical user, you can add, manage and edit all content areas based on the individual user’s role-based permissions in the system. It gives you complete control over the direction of the content of the website and, as a result, you will no longer be dependent upon others to make updates quickly.

With minimal training, your will be able to change text and image elements of the pages on the website and add new pages using a simple web-based browser. If you have experience using Microsoft Word and surfing the web, you will find the CMS especially convenient for keeping your website updated and current.

Your website will have full content management capabilities in addition to your specified functionality requirements, including:

  • Web-based system
  • Ability to add, edit and modify pages and navigation
  • Ability to automatically display other site content, and snippets of news and events Ability to schedule content
  • File upload capabilities
  • Approval/post workflows

There are a number of differences between a custom CMS and an open-source CMS platform.

Open-Source CMS

In an open-source CMS such as WordPress, the platform’s source codes are publicly available and editable. They can be redistributed, copied and modified into a number of applications.

These CMS solutions are typically maintained by a broader online community of expert developers, who frequently make updates to the software to patch glitches and extend its functionality.

Custom CMS

A custom CMS is a proprietary platform with closed source codes. They are created almost exclusively for bigger, more complex websites that require custom functionality and tailored workflows. They can be adapted to any business requirements.

Custom CMS solutions are typically maintained by the business or service firm that built it and they have control over the platform’s functionality, interface and updates.

There is no right answer to choosing between a custom CMS and an open-source CMS platform as it depends on what your business needs from a CMS solution. However, at Kika, we believe that WordPress offers the most choices to meet your business requirements. Here’s why:

  • WordPress is the most widely used CMS and is frequently maintained by a number of developers from all over the world.
  • There are multiple off-the-shelf design templates available for WordPress for those that aren’t really interested in what custom web design offers.
  • WordPress is plug-and-play in many cases; many web hosting providers offer it as an auto-install option.
  • With a custom CMS, you run the risk that the web development company who built it for you may close shop and discontinue the CMS.
  • Custom CMSs are usually proprietary so you are stuck with the same web development team for the entire lifespan of your website.

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