Vancouver Website Audit Services: Improve the quality of your website with an in-depth look into its usability, technical, performance, security and SEO health.

Sometimes you need an expert assessment of your current website to understand what’s keeping it from performing at its peak. At Kika, we conduct thorough website audits to identify potential technical, usability and design issues that may be affecting your website, and deliver solutions to improve its performance for maximum results.

KIKA | Website Audit

We audit websites of all sizes and purposes

Core Features of Website Audit

Our website audit packages include a full set of features tailored to your business.

KIKA | Website Audit
Market Research

We perform rigorous market research and analysis to understand the dynamics of your market, uncover what appeals to your audience, and identify opportunities for growth.

KIKA | Website Audit
Competitive Analysis

Get data-driven insights into your competitors’ website activities. We run a thorough competitive audit to identify what is working for them so that we can build upon those strategies and improve your competitive position.

KIKA | Website Audit
Persona Mapping

User personas and customer journey maps allow us to pinpoint crucial areas on your website that have the biggest impact on customer satisfaction. We then use that information to take steps to improve their experience.

KIKA | Website Audit
Audit Workshop

Workshops help us to work with your team to uncover your current website reality and identify potential opportunities for growth. It’s a rare opportunity to brainstorm in real-time and set the tone for the rest of the work.


KIKA | Website Audit
Tracking Setup

We set up various tracking tools, such as heatmaps, conversions and events to collect data on your visitors. This includes user behaviour and engagement, click patterns and other key user metrics.


KIKA | Website Audit
Website Analytics Audit

We review the health of your web analytics, including the accuracy of your data, goals, conversions and tracking codes. We also look at your traffic patterns, where your visitors are coming from, and how they interact with your site.

KIKA | Website Audit
Technical SEO Audit

We run a thorough audit of your website to uncover technical issues that may inhibit your website from running at peak performance. This includes broken links, coding errors, page loading time and more.

KIKA | Website Audit
Website Usability Review

We evaluate the design and functionality of your website to identify areas that are causing grief to your visitors. This includes testing your site structure, page layout, navigation menus and more.

KIKA | Website Audit
SEO & Content Analysis

We review the content on your site to pinpoint issues that may be keeping it from getting higher online visibility and engagement. This includes checking on-page SEO factors, content quality, duplicate content and more.

KIKA | Website Audit
Lead Generation Audit

We analyze your current lead generation efforts and identify opportunities to help you capture more qualified leads and close more sales. This includes reviewing your call-to-actions, web forms and automation workflows.

KIKA | Website Audit
Security Website Audit

We identify security vulnerabilities and recommend steps to mitigate those risks. This includes evaluating your site's hosting environment, application security, authentication and authorization mechanisms, and data security.

KIKA | Website Audit
Detailed Audit Report

Our findings are synthesized into a detailed report. It summarizes the key problems and opportunities uncovered in our analysis, as well as a list of recommended solutions to improve the performance of your website.


We perform audits for websites of all sizes and purposes.

WordPress Websites

As the most popular content management system (CMS), WordPress is used by many to promote their business. When auditing a WordPress website, we check the WordPress core, plugins and theme for any issues. In addition, we also check the health of your site’s hosting environment and security posture.

Ecommerce Websites

The stakes are high for e-commerce websites; if users have a bad experience, then they’re likely to take their business elsewhere. Regular audits can help ensure that all products and services are properly organized, pricing is accurate, and also that the checkout process is optimized and compliant with payment processing regulations.

High-Traffic Websites

Websites that receive a lot of traffic need to be regularly audited to ensure that they can handle the increased bandwidth. Our website audits can help identify any potential bottlenecks so that they can be fixed before they cause major outages or other serious problems.

Healthcare Websites

Healthcare websites must comply with strict federal and state regulations. In addition to verifying compliance, healthcare website audits also check for proper coding of medical procedures and diagnoses, as well as ensuring that patient privacy is protected.

Government Websites

Government websites are subject to strict compliance requirements. In addition to verifying compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, government website audits also check for security vulnerabilities that could put confidential information at risk.

Complex Websites

Websites with complex architectures or a large number of pages are more likely to have problems that are not immediately apparent. As a result, they need to be regularly audited to ensure that all individual elements are working together correctly before they cause serious problems.

Key Benefits of Website Audits

Investing in our website audit services offer many advantages to your business.

KIKA | Website Audit
Improve Visibility

Boost your website’s online presence with the insights that we uncover, including identifying technical on-site issues, checking the relevance of your keywords, assessing the quality of your content and more.

KIKA | Website Audit
Increase Efficiency

Increase your team’s efficiency and productivity by giving them a clear plan to follow. We can save you a lot of time and resources by outlining all the areas that need improvement.

KIKA | Website Audit
Enhance Experience

We can help optimize engagement on your website by identifying ways to improve customer satisfaction and retention. This includes simplifying the navigation, improving site speed, or creating more engaging content.

Why Kika?

Auditing websites is not an easy task; it requires extensive website knowledge and expertise. As a full-service marketing agency with over 15 years of experience designing, developing, managing and optimizing websites, Kika is fully qualified to perform website audits for local and international businesses.

Our team of website developers has a strong understanding of both the front-end (the part of the website that users see and interact with) and the back-end (the server-side infrastructure that powers the website). They work with various programming languages (such as HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript) and content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress and Shopify.

Our UI/UX designers, on the other hand, are experts in all things design, usability and user experience. They’ll be able to quickly identify issues with a website’s design and suggest ways to improve its overall appearance.

To effectively audit a website, you need to understand how search engines work. This means understanding how they rank websites and what factors they consider when determining rankings. Our team of certified SEO specialists is adept at evaluating your current SEO status and pinpointing what’s keeping your website from achieving top rankings.

Our website audit team boasts strong analytical and problem-solving skills. They are adept at interpreting data and identifying issues that could be holding back a website’s success. From there, they can come up with solutions that will address those issues, and determine whether or not a given change will actually improve a website’s health and performance.

New web innovations are always emerging and technologies are always being refined. As such, our team is constantly keeping up with the latest trends and best practices. This way, we can ensure that we always use proven methods and techniques when auditing a website’s health and performance.

Our efforts are enhanced by a complete suite of business tools and proprietary systems to automate processes and optimize performance. We work with leading technology providers and best-of-breed platforms to provide a reliable stream of innovation and accountability to our clients.

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At Kika, we are adept at designing, developing, managing and optimizing bilingual websites for the English Canadian and French Canadian markets. We understand the nuances of both languages and cultures, and we know how to translate your message in a way that resonates with your target audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing a website’s organic ranking in major search engines for a given list of relevant keyword phrases. This is accomplished by a combination of on-site optimization and off-site optimization techniques, including identifying the keyword phrases that are most beneficial to the website; optimizing the website’s meta-tags and page content; and removing barriers to search engine crawlers.

Whether you are building a new site or improving an old one, SEO plays a major role in optimizing your brand’s digital strategy and footprint. By boosting your search engine ranking, you’ll start to see an increase in the quality and quantity of traffic to your site.

You can expect to see results for some keywords starting 4-6 weeks after the final submission. Rankings usually stabilize after about two months. However, SEO is a long-term investment — your traffic rises continuously since more and more search engines index more and more optimized pages of your website. Full results will not be realized until 3-9 months depending on several factors including how strong the competition is in the online market and how new your website is.

It is not possible to guarantee you a particular ranking on any search engine. Google and most other search engines clearly state this on their website.

However, we give your website the best chance to achieve top 10 ranking by performing various on-page and off-page techniques to optimize your website organically. You will also need to invest in a suitable link building program for your website before you see visible improvements in rankings.

Technical SEO is meta information like page titles, meta-descriptions and tags. Technical content has an equal part in affecting our clients’ SEO rankings as blog posts or articles, so we want to maintain this just as we would any other content.

We enhance the website HTML coding, fixing the website search engine incompatibilities and errors, applying right meta tags, adjusting keywords density and positioning, internal link structure, improve website navigation structure and URLs.

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