Increase your online sales with our Vancouver ecommerce website development services.

Rely on Kika’s extensive experience in website development to implement an efficient ecommerce solution that gives you a competitive advantage. We’ll make sure your ecommerce website has all the features you need to reach new markets, increase your sales and create lasting relationships with your customers.

KIKA | Ecommerce Development

We build websites with the most popular ecommerce solutions

KIKA | Ecommerce Development
WooCommerce Website Design

Add ecommerce functionality to your WordPress website by integrating WooCommerce, the most popular ecommerce plugin for WordPress websites. It’s free, easy to use and can also be used to build online product catalogues.

KIKA | Ecommerce Development
Shopify Website Design

Set up an online store on Shopify, the most popular ecommerce platform on the Internet. In addition to its subscription-based software, Shopify also offers a point-of-sale app and hardware to allow store owners to sell in physical locations.

Core Features of Ecommerce Development

Our ecommerce website packages include a full set of features tailored to your business.

KIKA | Ecommerce Development
Market Research

Good research is key to designing an effective user experience. It enables us to understand what your audience actually needs in order to deliver a solid website strategy that appeals to them.

KIKA | Ecommerce Development
Website Requirements

We guide all actions around your website by developing a project plan outlining a list of functional and technical requirements. It sets out a consistent design and scalable framework from which the website can evolve over time.

KIKA | Ecommerce Development
Information Architecture

Bridge the gap between user and content. We apply IA best practices to structure content in a clear and understandable way, ensuring users can find what they need within an easy-to-use navigational system.

KIKA | Ecommerce Development
Wireframe Prototype Creation

Wireframes shape the layout of your design. Our design team experiments with format and composition to establish a schematic design that optimizes the user experience on desktop and mobile devices.

KIKA | Ecommerce Development
UI/UX Mockup Design

Our design team applies user-centered design principles to deliver high-fidelity and interactive UI/UX mockups that function beautifully and intuitively for an unparalleled user experience.

KIKA | Ecommerce Development
Responsive Coding

Our team of web developers are experts at building websites with standards-compliant code optimized to load fast and consistently on all screen sizes and devices as well as on the latest web browsers.

KIKA | Ecommerce Development
Ecommerce Integration

Adding an online store requires that we extend the functionality of your website by integrating a robust ecommerce platform and payment processing system based on your store requirements.

KIKA | Ecommerce Development
Basic SEO Setup

We’ll make sure your website is properly set up for inclusion in Google’s search engine by integrating basic on-page SEO elements, including analytics integration, metadata creation, and xml sitemap submission.

KIKA | Ecommerce Development
Web Copy Creation

Our wordsmiths craft web-friendly and engaging copy that not only sounds good but is also optimized with the proper keywords and structure to help your website rank higher in search engines.

KIKA | Ecommerce Development
Security Enhancements

Website security is an ongoing concern in today’s digital age. We implement an SSL certificate and other basic security measures to protect your website from cyber attacks and malicious traffic.


KIKA | Ecommerce Development
Performance Optimization

Page load speed is a major factor in ranking on search engines and maintaining a positive user experience. We optimize file sizes and minify source codes to improve site performance.

KIKA | Ecommerce Development
Website Training

We'll schedule a training session with your key staff to show them how to effectively manage your website. A user manual will also be prepared containing detailed step-by-step instructions.

Extend the reach of your market and sales capabilities.

Sales are increasingly moving away from the real world and being done in the online world. By providing your business with an ecommerce platform, Kika can help you reach markets you never thought you could enter. Ecommerce can increase your sales dramatically as your company gets the attention of prospective customers from all over the world. Ecommerce also drives sales because the process is simple and there are no barriers or waiting time.

Enhance your interactions with customers and build lasting relationships.

At Kika, we apply all of our marketing know-how to elaborate a complete purchasing experience for your ecommerce solution. We take the time and put in all the necessary efforts to craft every customer interaction, from shopping to check-out, to ensure complete customer satisfaction at each stage of the sales process. By putting care into your online sales funnel, we know that we can positively influence the consumers’ perceptions of your brand, and in turn, affect their purchasing decisions and brand loyalty.

Kika supplies all the tools you need to create an optimal ecommerce platform.

Many different elements work in conjunction to create a functional ecommerce solution, including your payment processing, order fulfilment, and inventory systems. Kika’s marketing specialists and web programmers work together to make sure that you have all the right parts to build an ecommerce solution that provides a fast, easy and safe service to your customers. We can build your ideal ecommerce system from the bottom up or customize an existing model to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing a website’s organic ranking in major search engines for a given list of relevant keyword phrases. This is accomplished by a combination of on-site optimization and off-site optimization techniques, including identifying the keyword phrases that are most beneficial to the website; optimizing the website’s meta-tags and page content; and removing barriers to search engine crawlers.

Whether you are building a new site or improving an old one, SEO plays a major role in optimizing your brand’s digital strategy and footprint. By boosting your search engine ranking, you’ll start to see an increase in the quality and quantity of traffic to your site.

You can expect to see results for some keywords starting 4-6 weeks after the final submission. Rankings usually stabilize after about two months. However, SEO is a long-term investment — your traffic rises continuously since more and more search engines index more and more optimized pages of your website. Full results will not be realized until 3-9 months depending on several factors including how strong the competition is in the online market and how new your website is.

It is not possible to guarantee you a particular ranking on any search engine. Google and most other search engines clearly state this on their website.

However, we give your website the best chance to achieve top 10 ranking by performing various on-page and off-page techniques to optimize your website organically. You will also need to invest in a suitable link building program for your website before you see visible improvements in rankings.

Technical SEO is meta information like page titles, meta-descriptions and tags. Technical content has an equal part in affecting our clients’ SEO rankings as blog posts or articles, so we want to maintain this just as we would any other content.

We enhance the website HTML coding, fixing the website search engine incompatibilities and errors, applying right meta tags, adjusting keywords density and positioning, internal link structure, improve website navigation structure and URLs.

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