Give direction to your business with our professional strategic and business plan writing services in Vancouver.

No business can succeed without a clear plan in place. You need to know where you’re heading and how you’re going to get there. With Kika, you are guaranteed a well-researched and professionally-written plan to direct all your efforts. Rely on our skilled marketing team to provide you with a detailed strategic plan tailored to your needs and objectives.

KIKA | Strategic Plan

Core Features of Strategic Plans

Each strategic plan package includes a full set of features tailored to your business.

KIKA | Strategic Plan
Market Research

We combine our expertise in gathering relevant and reliable data with our experience working and observing your industry to identify market opportunities that we can leverage for your business.

KIKA | Strategic Plan
Competitive Analysis

Get insights into how you fit within your competitive landscape. We take a deep dive into your key rivals so we can create a value proposition that sets you apart.

KIKA | Strategic Plan
Stakeholder Interviews

Get the real insight behind your business operations. We conduct in-depth one-on-one interviews with key company stakeholders and industry experts to collect data directly from the source.

KIKA | Strategic Plan
Strategy Workshop

Workshops help to align your team around a well-defined strategic program that validates your company’s long-term goals. It’s a rare opportunity to brainstorm and collaborate in real-time to set the tone for the rest of the work.

KIKA | Strategic Plan
Plan Development

Our marketing experts formalize the strategy into a professionally-written document that instills confidence in your company. It guides all actions and effectively communicates your company’s business operations.

KIKA | Strategic Plan
Budget Development

Formulating a budget is a key component for the proper execution of your strategic plan. It keeps your company on target and provides indicators when corrections are needed.

Included Strategic Plan Services

Know where your company is headed with the following strategic plan solutions.

Convey the full potential of your business.

A business plan is your ultimate business tool, but creating one requires a high level of preparation, knowledge and discipline. Kika works closely with your management team to design and develop a business plan that clearly defines your long-term goals and roadmap to success.

With Kika, you are guaranteed a professionally written business plan geared specifically to your industry and target market. Whether you are introducing a new product, entering new markets, or if you require financing or restructuring, we can build a custom plan tailored to your specific needs.

At the heart of all your marketing efforts.

A carefully drafted marketing plan helps to guide all marketing efforts and is the first step to developing successful marketing initiatives for your business. Kika works closely with your marketing team to build a marketing plan that clearly outlines your marketing goals and targeted initiatives.

Our team of marketing experts designs innovative, unique and marketable programs that enhance your company profile and promote your key messages to your market. The objective of a marketing plan is to capture the essence, emotion and image of your business before developing any marketing materials or initiatives.

Your marketing plan will become a working document to evaluate your marketing success and revise your marketing strategies over the long term, ensuring that your image remains consistent and your efforts fit within the bigger picture. With the right marketing plan in hand, you know your marketing budget is well spent and getting you a positive return on investment.

Expand your brand awareness with a solid promotion plan.

Better known as an integrated marketing communications plan (IMC), your promotion plan is an essential tool for maintaining consistency and relevance across all your promotional activities. We work closely with your marketing team to craft a unique and marketable program that clearly outlines your communication goals and targeted marketing channel initiatives.

Kika’s team of marketing experts can help you define the essence of your brand, which forms the basis for the creation and implementation of all of your promotion endeavours, such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, internet marketing and personal selling.

Take your go-to-market campaign from paper to reality.

Your projects may work on paper, but you may need some help to make sure they translate properly into reality. Kika works closely with your management team to craft an activation plan for the successful launch of your brand into the market.

Kika’s team of marketing experts designs cost-effective go-to-market and implementation programs that deliver a compelling value proposition and outline the necessary steps for maximum brand adoption. Use your activation plan to reinforce the company’s chosen positioning, build customer loyalty and brand equity among target customers, and achieve your company’s marketing and financial objectives.

Know where you stand, know where you’re going.

Your business can’t afford to go with the flow, which is why a strategic plan is a great tool to revitalize and organize your business initiatives. Kika works closely with your management team to design and develop a strategic plan that clearly defines your company’s business goals and strategic priorities. It outlines a well-thought-out program geared specifically to your industry and target market.

By asking challenging questions and doing some research, we help you define your vision, mission and values and make sure these tools are clear and consistent. By explaining what you’re doing in the present and how you’re doing it, we can then determine your objectives for the future and break these down into a clear roadmap for your business to follow.

International Marketing Plan: Expand your reach to new markets.

As communications become increasingly easier, the world is expanding and borders are more and more permeable. Kika remains at the forefront of this trend and continuously caters for the global market and its varying requirements.

Conducting business on an international level can be complicated, which is why we have developed a flexible and creative approach to planning so that your tools and strategies can be easily adapted to the different structures, parameters and needs of foreign markets.

A well-made plan is the most important tool to succeed.

The creation of business plans, marketing plans and strategic plans is essential if you want your organization to succeed in today’s competitive business world. They communicate to internal staff, shareholders and investors the company’s roadmap to success, including its business model, objectives and strategies. With a plan in place, you ensure your management stays on track and every financial opportunity is available to you.

We have the skills required to write your plan.

Whether you require a business plan, a marketing plan or a strategic plan, it needs to follow certain guidelines if you want it to achieve the right impact. While you are certainly an expert in your field, writing a complete plan can be overwhelming. The Kika team is here to help. We have the research, marketing and writing skills necessary to add to the information you provide us and place it in an enriched context. We’ll get your ideas and objectives on paper clearly and coherently, so you know you’re communicating the information your audience needs in the most valuable way.

We write plans tailored to the realities of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

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