Marketing Audit Services

Make better-informed decisions
based on data-driven facts

From auditing your marketing operations to assessing new market
opportunities, our team of market analysts dig deep into the data to
draw a complete picture of your marketing environment. By arriving at
better-informed conclusions, we can identify the right course of action
that will produce the best results for your business.

Core Features of Marketing Audit

Understand the dynamics of your marketing environment with our feature-rich marketing audit packages.

Market Research

We perform rigorous market research and analysis to understand the dynamics of your market, uncover what appeals to your audience, and identify opportunities for growth.

Competitive Analysis

Running a thorough competitive audit on your competitors' marketing activities allows us to identify what is working for them so that we can build upon those strategies and improve your competitive position.

Stakeholder Interviews

Get the real insight behind your business operations. We conduct in-depth one-on-one interviews with key company stakeholders and industry experts to collect data directly from the source.

Audit Workshop

Workshops help us to work with your team to uncover your current business reality and identify potential market opportunities for growth. It’s a rare opportunity to brainstorm in real-time and set the tone for the rest of the work.

Detailed Audit Report

We synthesize our findings into a detailed report. It summarizes the key problem areas and opportunities uncovered in our analysis, as well as a list of action items to guide your business on the right path to success.

Included Types of Marketing Audit

Our team of marketing analysts can take a deep and objective look into your internal and
external marketing environment to produce a clear assessment of the situation.

Improve operational performance.

Marketing audits are a key element to understanding how your business is doing from a marketing perspective. They become necessary when your company matures, business markets change and when competition becomes more intense.

Our team of marketing experts conducts a full review of your internal marketing environment to identify ways to streamline your marketing operations and improve their effectiveness.

Leverage new growth opportunities.

Market assessments help to confirm or negate the viability of a potential market opportunity. They become necessary when your company seeks to expand into new markets or introduce a new product to your key markets.

Our specialized marketing analysts carry out rigorous research on your external marketing environment to determine the competitive market conditions and market potential of your business venture.

Inform all your marketing decisions with in-depth research.

There’s a right way to make decisions, and it starts with research. Kika’s research strategy is simple but effective, guaranteeing that you get the information necessary to take the right path to success. It includes using proven research techniques to collect both qualitative and quantitative data, while always ensuring that the data being collected comes from relevant and reliable sources.

Our research begins with the collection of an impressive amount of relevant and accurate information from reputable publications, the Internet, paid database services and other published sources. We then move towards conducting field research and in-depth interviews with key customers and industry experts to get the real insights behind all the published facts.

Assess your situation with our rigorous and comprehensive methodology.

Backed by our experience working and observing your industry, our team of expert research analysts sift through and organize the collected data in order to analyze it in-depth and reveal its deepest insights. This includes analyzing your competitive landscape, consumer preferences and buying trends, and current marketing strategies. The goal here is to identify opportunities and problems that you need to know about so we can arrive at better-informed conclusions.

Take control of your company’s future with a solid plan of action.

Once we’ve achieved a complete picture of the situation, our marketing analysts distil their findings into a professional report outlining educated recommendations and action items. Since all of our conclusions are based on expert knowledge and hard facts, you can be sure that you are now capable of making the best decision for business success.

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