Experiential & Event Marketing Services

Activate your brand through
immersive and live experiences

Experiential and themed events create memorable moments where
people can actively engage with your brand up close and personal. Our
event marketing specialists are experts at designing tailored immersive
storytelling and live experiences that build emotional connections and
foster one-on-one interactions between your brand and audience.

Core Features of Event Marketing

Our event marketing packages include a full set of features tailored to your business.

Market Research

We gather data on the latest trends to get a picture of where the market is moving and identify potential opportunities to support, and even drive, your campaign.

Strategy Workshop

Workshops help to align your team around an event marketing strategy that builds affinity and generates awareness around your brand. It’s a rare opportunity to brainstorm in real-time and set the tone for the rest of the work.

Strategic Plan

We guide all actions around your event marketing program by developing a strategic plan designed to activate your brand through direct engagement activities with your audience.

Targeted Event List

We canvas and evaluate noteworthy industry events in your target markets, and then synthesize our findings into a curated list of the best events in which your business can host, attend, sponsor and exhibit.

Event Schedule Setup

Delivering a consistent experience is our top priority. Schedules help to prioritize and plan out the event's sequence of activities, ensuring that the tasks are clear and carried out on time.

Event Planning

Whether you need to participate or host an event, our event planners are experts at organizing event programs designed to foster engaging and direct experiences with your audience.

Event Promotion

Get the word out and attract the right audience to your event. We use various traditional and digital marketing channels to drive awareness, boost attendance, and ultimately meet your event goals.

Post-Event Reporting

A report is prepared to update you on the results of your event marketing campaign. It includes details on its effectiveness, as well as a list of suggested strategies to improve its performance.

Competitive Analysis

Get insights into how you fit within your competitive landscape. We take a deep dive into your key rivals so we can create a value proposition that sets you apart.

Event Resources

A set of resources are prepared to support your event's activities and promotions. This can include the creation of branded event collateral and targeted messaging, keynote speaker resources and event sponsorship program.

Event Marketing Optimization

Once your event marketing campaign is launched, we continuously monitor, audit and optimize its performance to ensure accountability and a positive return on investment.

Event Marketing Management

We plan, direct and coordinate ongoing event marketing activities to maintain ample opportunity for people to interact with your brand.

Included Event Marketing Services

Plan the perfect events with the following event marketing solutions.

Keep your brand top of mind with face-to-face interactions.

We work to secure and organize your attendance and participation at high-profile industry events where you can exhibit your business, network with people, secure new leads and discover the latest market trends.

Foster intimate connections between your brand and your audience.

From workshops to launch parties and from pop-up events to immersive exhibits, our event planners are experts at organizing and executing memorable events that bring people together in an inviting and engaging atmosphere.

Use your brand to show your community support.

We work to enhance your company profile by securing your participation at key industry and community events that are aligned with your values.

Leverage your expertise to promote your brand.

We work to secure and organize speaking engagements at key industry events where you can speak on subject matters that you are knowledgeable and passionate about to a captive audience.

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