Poster & Signage Design Services

Create signage designs that
can be understood at a glance

It’s a known fact that you only have seconds to make an impression.
With Kika, we work with you to develop custom signs, banners and
posters that attract attention in interior and exterior public spaces.
Whether it’s for promotional, display or directional purposes, we ensure
your key messages are quickly communicated to a moving crowd.

Core Features of Signage Design

Our signage design packages include a full set of features tailored to your business.

Market Research

Market research is incredibly valuable. It helps us to identify and validate the latest market trends and consumer preferences to deliver a solid design strategy that appeals to your audience.

Creative Theme Ideation

Design is a process of discovery. Our design team brainstorms and conceptualizes a singular, focused idea that establishes a thematic link between the design, its function and delivery of the message to your audience.

Comprehensive Layout

Layouts are the backbone of the design. Our design team experiments with format and composition to establish a page layout and grid system that works best for the proposed design.

Creative Copy Creation

Get fresh new content that resonate with your audience. Our wordsmiths craft creative and persuasive copy that evokes an emotional response and compels your readers to take action.

Visual Content Creation

Bold images and graphics play an important role in attracting attention. We prepare and gather all the necessary visual assets to strengthen the aesthetic impact and message of the design.

Creative Concept Design

Our design team conceives several draft concepts with variations on tone and style. We then improve and fine-tune the most appropriate concepts until we achieve a final design solution with the aesthetic appeal to excite your audience.

Design System Creation

We expand on the final design to create a cohesive design system featuring a series of branded signage graphics. Design systems allow us to adapt and resize the design for distinct market and product segments while maintaining visual consistency across all manifestations for immediate brand recognition.

Production Coordination

Ensure your design comes out beautifully. From preparing to sourcing, and from coordinating to overseeing, our design team are experts at handling all phases of the production process.

Included Signage Design Services

Our signage and large format design solutions come in all shapes and formats.

Poster Design

Our poster design service includes but is not limited to promotional posters and other large format posters designs.

Banner Design

Our banner design service includes but is not limited to flagpole banners and streetlight banners.

Wall Graphics Design

Storefront Sign Design

Wayfinding Sign Design

Our wayfinding sign design service includes but is not limited to a-boards, board signs, hoarding signage, site sign, fence wraps, snipe signs, stake signs, visitor parking signs and other directional signage designs.

Vehicle Graphics Design

Our vehicle graphics design service includes but is not limited to car wraps and other car graphic designs.

We design eye-catching signs and posters that can quickly communicate your message.

Posters, banners, signs and other large-format designs have to be carefully designed to attract the audience’s attention and quickly communicate your message. The designers at Kika are experts at extending your brand experience and get it noticed by targeted foot traffic. Kika gives you the extra kick your brand needs to distinguish itself.

Translate your message into visual designs that everyone can understand.

Creating signage is a difficult task because it means translating a message into a visual representation that everyone can understand at a glance. Kika has the skill and expertise required to clearly communicate your message in a simple, visual form so that it can be immediately understood. Our design team excels at creating gorgeous signage systems for any purpose. Clarity is at the heart of all the posters, banners and signs that we create.

Enhance your business profile by getting your brand noticed everywhere.

Kika designs bold and memorable signage that gets your audience’s attention and piques their interest. Use our poster, banner and sign design service to reach out to your audience on the go. You can expand the reach of your brand experience and give your business greater credibility in the market. Kika designs signage for a vast array of media, sizes, audiences and styles.

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