Merchandise Design Services

Create tangible experiences with
memorable promotional products

When giving out branded gifts and prizes, you’re creating a unique
opportunity for people to physically interact with your brand. From pens
to employee welcome kits, we imprint your brand on promotional
products and custom novelty items to help spread long-term awareness
for your company and keep your brand top of mind.

Core Features of Merchandise Design

Our merchandise design packages include a full set of features tailored to your business.

Market Research

Good research is key to delivering an effective design strategy. It gets our creative juices flowing and provides clear context and market insights to launch the design in the right direction.

Creative Theme Ideation

Design is a process of discovery. Our design team brainstorms and conceptualizes a singular, focused idea that establishes a thematic link between the design, its function and delivery of the message to your audience.

Moodboard Creation

We convey our creative ideas with the support of a moodboard. Moodboards are collages of images, text and other visuals that inspire and influence the overall direction of the design.

Comprehensive Layout

Layouts are the backbone of the design. Our design team experiments with format and composition to establish a page layout and grid system that works best for the proposed design.

Visual Content Creation

Choosing the right visuals is an important part of the creative process. We design and gather all the necessary images, graphics and other visual assets to enhance the impact of the design.

Creative Concept Design

Our design team conceives several draft concepts with variations on tone and style. We then improve and fine-tune the most appropriate concepts until we achieve a final design solution with the aesthetic appeal to excite your audience.

Collection Design Creation

The final design can be expanded into a collection of promotional items. Branded collections lets you preserve brand guidelines and maintain visual consistency for immediate brand recognition.

Production Coordination

Ensure your design comes out beautifully. From preparing to sourcing, and from coordinating to overseeing, our design team are experts at handling all phases of the production process.

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