Event Exhibit Design Services

Make your presence noticed with
eye-catching event display designs

Exhibiting at events is an effective form of advertising especially for on-
site brand placement and community engagement. Our design team
supports your efforts by creating beautiful, multi-purpose exhibits and
event display systems that attract attention and encourage attendees to
directly engage and experience your brand up close.

Core Features of Exhibit Design

Our exhibit design packages include a full set of features tailored to your business.

Market Research

Research is an invaluable tool to jumpstart our creative juices and formulate a solid design strategy. It provides background context and market insights to propel the design in the right direction.

Creative Theme Ideation

Design is a process of discovery. Our design team brainstorms and conceptualizes a singular, focused idea that establishes a thematic link between the design, its function and delivery of the message to your audience.

Comprehensive Layout

Layouts are the backbone of the design. Our design team experiments with format and composition to establish a page layout and grid system that works best for the proposed design.

Creative Copy Creation

Get fresh new content that resonate with your audience. Our wordsmiths craft creative and persuasive copy that evokes an emotional response and compels your readers to take action.

Visual Content Creation

People are particularly drawn to visuals that inform the purpose of your exhibit. We design and assemble bold images and graphics that attract attention and enhance the impact of the design.

Creative Concept Design

Our design team conceives several draft concepts with variations on tone and style. We then improve and fine-tune the most appropriate concepts until we achieve a final design solution with the aesthetic appeal to excite your audience.

Design System Creation

The final design can be expanded into a cohesive design system featuring a set of branded event display graphics. Design systems allow us to adapt the design while maintaining visual consistency for immediate brand recognition.

Production Coordination

Ensure your design comes out beautifully. From preparing to sourcing, and from coordinating to overseeing, our design team are experts at handling all phases of the production process.

Included Event Exhibit Design Services

Kika provides a broad range of exhibit design solutions.

Pop-Up Display
System Design

Custom Modular
Booth Design

Outdoor Canopy
Tent Design

Banner Design

Sign Design

Step & Repeat
Backdrop Design

We create stunning, innovative exhibit designs adapted to your needs.

Make your presence noticed at trade shows, conferences, festivals and other events with a remarkable and practical event display system designed by Kika’s team of graphic designers. You can rely on us to create attractive and well-thought-out event exhibits that communicate information clearly and comprehensively to a moving audience.

Assist your sales effort with a unique, convenient event display system.

Kika’s design expertise goes far beyond advertising. In our quest to support you in all of your marketing endeavours, we also design all forms of event exhibits and trade show displays. We understand the special needs of these marketing tools, such as the physical dimension involved in their conception. If you want an effective and engaging event display or exhibit for education or sales purposes, choose Kika.

Give your audience something to remember with a memorable brand message.

Exhibiting at trade shows is all about attracting attention in the crowded event space as well as creating a lasting impression in the memories of the visitors. Kika’s design team uses all the tools at its disposal such as bold and professional colours, design, lighting and audiovisual components to make sure you stand out from the competition and extend the force and reach of your brand’s message. Be remarkable with a Kika-designed event display system.

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