Accentuate your visual designs with our full-service Vancouver digital illustration and vector graphics agency services.

From company mascot to “how-to” instructions, Kika’s design team are experts at delivering beautiful vector illustrations for any kind of subject, in a variety of styles and techniques. Use our vector graphics services to add a dash of creativity and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your marketing literature and digital content.

KIKA | Graphics Creation

Core Features of Vector Graphics

Our vector graphics packages include a full set of features tailored to your business.

KIKA | Graphics Creation
Market Research

Research is an important step in the creative process. It provides background context and market insights to ensure we develop original work that best captures your brand message.

KIKA | Graphics Creation
Creative Theme Ideation

Design is a process of discovery. Our design team brainstorms and conceptualizes a singular, focused idea that establishes a thematic link between the design, its function and delivery of the message to your audience.

KIKA | Graphics Creation
Moodboard Creation

We convey our creative ideas with the support of a moodboard. Moodboards are collages of images, text and other visuals that inspire and influence the overall direction of the design.

KIKA | Graphics Creation
Graphic Design

Our design team uses the latest digital design techniques to render beautiful vector graphics for use in a variety of contexts. They can even scale at any size without losing their crisp quality.

Included Digital Illustration Services

From marketing collateral to web content, our designers deliver vector graphic
solutions that can be scaled at any size without losing their crisp quality.


The visual appeal of infographics makes them very popular and shareable across the Internet. By using a combination of text and bold graphics, we can illustrate a particular subject matter into an engaging visual story for your audience.

Icon Sets

We design custom vector icons with simple and clean lines to ensure they remain clear and easily recognizable even when they’re scaled down to small sizes.

Business Graphics

Presenting a professional image to the public is essential to your success. Our graphic designers create branded charts, tables, maps and other business graphics that properly convey your information to your audience.

Technical Illustrations

We render detailed technical drawings and diagrams that illustrate to a non-technical audience how an object, product or process functions.

Character Illustrations

By performing a combination of hand-drawn sketches and digital design techniques, we can render characters with unique anatomies and facial expressions for use in a variety of contexts.

Graphic Illustrations

When photography is not enough to accurately convey your idea or concept, use graphic illustrations. We can design exact replicas or idealized versions of objects and scenes to better illustrate your ideas, concepts, products or services to your audience.

Convey your message and create an emotional connection with your audience.

At Kika, we understand the irresistible appeal a well-drawn illustration can have in converting customers to your brand. People react instinctively to visual content, and that’s why it should be an important part of your brand outreach. We design vector graphics that convey your message clearly and beautifully, and in turn, inspire a connection with your audience on an emotional basis.

Tell a story and turn information into a memorable narrative.

Straight information is hard to swallow. That’s why the most compelling ads on TV are always the ones that tell stories with a beginning, middle and end. Narratives organize information and make it easier to remember. But telling a story can be hard in print, because of the need to capture the audience’s attention at a glance. That’s why Kika’s team of trusted illustrators are specialized in creating vector graphics in a variety of techniques that bring your message to life and communicate the gripping story of your brand message.

Increase the ease and user-friendliness of your communications.

An image is worth a thousand words, and nowhere is this as true as in the world of marketing and communications. That’s why using clear and intelligent illustrations in any print-based communication is a guaranteed way to get your message across quickly and easily, in a way that even photography fails to do as perfectly. Use Kika’s illustration service to get noticed and ensure your message is conveyed in the most concise and attractive way possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

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