Motion Graphics Animation Services

Create moving stories with
captivating animated graphics

At Kika, we are passionate about creating unique digital experiences
that exhibit dynamic motion through a combination of graphics,
animation and live-action footage. We offer unparalleled design, along
with solid technological skills that make it easier and faster for us to
produce compelling motion graphic videos that fully move audiences.

Core Features of Motion Graphics

Our motion graphics animation packages include a full set of features tailored to your business.

Market Research

Research is an important step in the creative process. It provides background context and market insights to ensure we develop original work that best captures your brand message.

Creative Theme Ideation

Design is a process of discovery. Our design team brainstorms and conceptualizes a singular, focused idea that establishes a thematic link between the design, its function and delivery of the message to your audience.

Media Content Creation

Animated visuals play an important role in attracting attention. We prepare and gather all the necessary animation effects, audio tracks and other media content to strengthen the design of your motion graphics.

Motion Graphics Production

Our motion graphic designers combine graphics, text and audio tracks to deliver vibrant animated designs that add depth to your brand message and captures the attention of your audience.

Included Motion Graphics Services

Kika provides a broad range of motion graphics solutions.

Animated Explainer Video

Highlight your company’s services or intangible products like software in a compelling and efficient way.

Animated Video Template

Easily create engaging video posts for your social media, email newsletters and websites from a branded template.

Animated Infographic

Help your audience to better visualize information by animating the elements of your infographic.

Animated User Interface (UI)

Showcase the awesome features of your software or website by adding motion to your UI designs.

Corporate Identity Pack

A complete pack of motion graphics assets, including: Logo reveal, Logo bug, Logo sting (outro), Section titles, Lower thirds, Transition effects and more.

Broadcast Identity Pack

A complete pack of motion graphics assets, including: Channel logo reveal, Channel logo bug, Lower thirds, Program bumpers, Program schedule, Program line up (Now, Next, Later) and more.

Make your brand memorable with impressive motion graphics animations.

Kika’s motion graphics design team gets very animated when bringing stories to life. We are experts at creating custom motion graphics experiences for all types of marketing and promotional purposes, whether it’s animated infographics, big-screen conference openers, or just highly engaging animated explainer videos.

Our team uses a mix of artistic talent and software skills to create stunning motion graphics with full-motion content. Surprise and delight viewers and keep them riveted to the screen with Kika’s carefully crafted motion graphics. Your audience is certain to remember who you are.

Emphasize the right elements to maximize the strength of your message.

Motion graphics open up infinite possibilities, which means you need the eye of an artist to know what direction to take and how to represent the different elements in the animation. At Kika, our unique mix of competencies and skills allows us to make decisions that focus the viewer’s attention on the right elements and build an effective and convincing message.

Engage the imagination with a cost-effective and versatile solution to video production.

If you want to create a TV ad or promotional video, why not rely on motion graphics to represent your message exactly the way you want? Kika creates fresh and affordable motion graphics videos that look great and are made to get results. Our design team works in a variety of different styles catered to the requirements of your message and the needs of your company.

Our motion graphics services work especially well for web and social media channels. With more and more content going online, there’s no more engaging medium for connecting with your audience. Our motion graphics designers craft animated explainer videos and other short-form videos to create buzz and foster engagement on a variety of channels, including your website, social media platforms and 3rd party websites. They are a great way to communicate your message in a fresh and innovative style.

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