Personalize your identity with a unique brand name and tagline with our professional brand strategy consulting services.

The words people associate with your brand leave a lasting impression on how they view your business. Choosing the right brand name isn’t always as straightforward as it seems; allow Kika to help. We are experts at delivering distinctive brand names, taglines and slogans that highlight your corporate identity and resonate with your audience.

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Core Features of Brand Names

Ensure you deliver a brand that attracts attention and imprints in the minds
of your audience with our feature-rich brand name packages.

KIKA | Brand Name
Market Research

We conduct in-depth research to understand what your audience responds to most positively. These findings will allow us to formulate a solid name strategy that best personifies your brand.

KIKA | Brand Name
Competitive Analysis

You cannot ignore your competitors if you want to build a great brand. We take a deep look at your rival brands so we can craft a value proposition that outshines the competition.

KIKA | Brand Name
Brand Workshop

Workshops foster real-time collaboration and encourage creative brainstorming. We gather a diverse group of stakeholders to generate a list of meaningful names aligned to your core values.

KIKA | Brand Name
Brand Name Development

Our brand strategists distill the broad scope of possible brand names into the best candidate based on appeal, positioning goals, performance criteria and availability within the sector.

Included Brand Name Services

Create an easily recognizable brand with our tailored range of brand name solutions.

Our brand strategists are experts at coming up with effective corporate names that build long-term strategic value for your business. We make sure it aligns with your brand values and can easily expand into a strong corporate brand architecture.

Every business entity must have a distinct name that legally identifies the organization. It is the name that is used in all contracts and invoices, and also identifies your products and services to your audience. A company’s brand name is not its whole story, but it sets up the story, and nothing will be used more often or for longer than your corporate brand name.

Our brand strategists know how to create unique product brand names that fit within your broader brand name umbrella while telling its own unique story to your audience.

Naming the goods and services that your company sells is an emotional process. When you’re naming a new product or an entire product line, it needs to be something that people can easily understand and remember while also staying true to your corporate brand. By doing so, it helps to anchor the name in the minds of your consumers and provide depth to the inner workings of your brand. The result is a name that builds brand recognition and consumer loyalty for your business.

Our brand strategists are experts at building distinctive brand names that align the goals of the division with the brand guidelines of the parent company.

Coming up with a brand name for a new corporate division is a tricky task. It takes creativity to translate the corporate brand down to a divisional level but, armed with the proper information, a successful divisional brand name can be established.

We achieve this by measuring the existing brand equity of the parent company brand and the division itself. The result is a strong brand name that appeals to the division’s market segments, and that is also supported by the broader promise of the parent company.

Our brand strategists work closely with you to develop a memorable tagline that can stand the test of time. We make sure that it captures the essence of your brand and positions your company in the market for a maximum return on your investment.

A brand tagline distils your brand promise into a short, powerful phrase. It communicates your brand’s reason for being and is associated with your company name and logo. Taglines are important because it crystallizes in a few short words who you are, what you stand for, and what makes you special.

An example of a brand tagline is Nike’s “Just Do It.”

Our brand strategists are there to support the promotion of your product or campaign with an original brand slogan. We make sure that it elevates your brand message and communicates your value proposition to your audience.

Brand slogans are the advertising tagline that conveys the brand’s spirit in the shortest way possible. They are more flexible than a brand tagline and may change regularly according to the campaign or product.

An example of a brand slogan is Nike’s “Inspiration and Innovation for Every Athlete in the World.”

Frequently Asked Questions

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