Brand Guidelines Services

Keep brand consistency across
all forms of communication

Maintaining brand recognition means a lot more than using the same
logo everywhere. It requires a set of brand guidelines that keeps your
message on brand and ensures everyone is on the same page. Let us
help you craft a professional brand style guide so you can maintain
visual continuity across all physical expressions of your brand.

Core Features of Brand Guidelines

Our brand guidelines package includes a full set of features tailored to your business.

Market Research

Research is key to validate the direction of the guidelines based on current industry standards. It provides important context and insights to ensure your brand is properly communicated.

Competitive Analysis

You cannot ignore your competitors if you want to build a great brand. We take a deep look at your rival brands so we can craft a value proposition that outshines the competition.

Brand Book Creation

Our brand experts synthesize your brand into a professionally-written style book. It governs how your brand is applied and defines approved colour schemes, fonts, layouts and other brand standards.

Brand Library Creation

A library of your logo and brand assets is assembled for use by your staff, partners and select vendors. Giving access to a digital folder of your assets maintains brand consistency across all forms of communication.

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