3D Visualization & Rendering Services

Bring your ideas to life with
3D visuals of brilliant clarity

Our 3D design team has the tools and know-how to easily explain
complex concepts and ideas through the creation of photorealistic 3D
renderings, animations and configurators. We turn character drawings,
product schematics and architectural plans into stunning and detailed
3D visuals that are guaranteed to get you the attention you deserve.

Core Features of 3D Renderings

Our 3D visualization and rendering packages include a full set of features tailored to your business.

Market Research

Research is an important step in the creative process. It provides background context and market insights to ensure we develop original work that best captures your brand message.

Competitive Analysis

Our goal is to design a solution that gives you a competitive edge. We take an in-depth look at similar brands so we can build a value proposition that sets you apart from the competition.

Creative Theme Ideation

Design is a process of discovery. Our design team brainstorms and conceptualizes a singular, focused idea that establishes a thematic link between the design, its function and delivery of the message to your audience.

Moodboard Creation

We convey our creative ideas with the support of a moodboard. Moodboards are collages of images, text and other visuals that inspire and influence the overall direction of the design.

Visual Content Creation

The brilliance of your 3D design is only as effective as the quality of its visual content. We strive to enhance the design of your renderings by developing and sourcing original 3D models, images and other visual assets.

3D Modelling

Our 3D designers model 3D objects into a base scene for modeling accuracy and camera approval. This is where you can preview how the scene will look like and provide feedback to ensure it meets the desired vision.

3D Rendering

The base 3D scenes are refined and rendered into photorealistic images. This includes applying texture, colour and lighting to the accepted 3D models as well as integrating the visual assets for maximum impact.

Image Editing

Our design team takes the final renderings and performs various image editing techniques to turn them into works of art. This includes retouches, colour corrections and image effects, as well as compositing images.

Included 3D Rendering Services

Leverage our 3D visualization and rendering solutions to create 3D
images and animations of spectacular clarity and brilliance.

3D Architectural Renderings

3D Interior Design Renderings

3D Product Renderings

3D Object Renderings

3D Character Renderings

3D Logo Renderings

Visualize any product, service or message with maximum clarity.

Kika uses the latest software technology to develop 3D visualizations for any of your projects. Whether you want to create a 3D model for a new product, visualize a new architectural development or convince your audience to take action with the help of vivid 3D visuals, our 3D design experts have the skills and imagination required to engage your audience with exciting and striking 3D creations.

Engage your audience with vivid 3D images and animations.

3D is now one of the most compelling ways of getting your audience’s attention with the use of crisp visual representation. Luckily for you, it happens to be one of Kika’s specialities. From logos and characters, we can create photorealistic 3D models and visuals in a variety of styles. Kika allows you to build a stronger connection with your audience by creating enticing 3D visuals and animations that are sure to make heads turn and give credibility to your brand.

Represent your products or concepts in a more affordable, flexible way.

3D rendering is often the most affordable way to visualize and validate a product concept before it goes into production. Kika works on a scene by scene basis to develop the most accurate possible model, which can then be filmed or photographed from any angle with our virtual camera. For all of your 3D needs, depend on Kika.

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