Takuto Kondo’s 6 Month Internship

March 17, 20164 Minutes

Brain storming

  • This is my last week
  • I started to work here from September
  • My tasks are usually managing social media platforms and promote them
  • I really liked to work here because I could work with coworker and boss closely
  • I’ve never worked at overseas company in my life
  • Working at Canadian company was very big challenge for me
  • It was hard to find workplace in Canada because I am still student in Japan and I really don’t have that much experience.
  • I was really nervous on my first day but boss and coworkers are pretty friendly so they alleviated all of my fears.
  • I could learn how to communicate in English with local professionals and a lot of marketing tips from my boss.
  • I could gain a lot of followers and attractions on social media especially twitter, Instagram and Flipboard eventually.
  • It was pretty hard to come up with ideas on social media’s post.
  • Set up my LinkedIn account for creating my own brand and eventually I got more than 500 connections.


This is my last day of work as an intern at Kika Marketing. I can’t believe that 6 months have already passed. I’ve been working as a Social Media Coordinator managing and promoting each social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Flipboard. Actually, it was hard to find a workplace in Canada because I am still a university student in Japan and I did not have that much of work experience but Kika Marketing gave me a big opportunity. When I got the job offer, I felt like “That is exactly what I want to do in my internship” because my major is marketing at my college in Vancouver and I wanted to try how it works in real marketing industries.

I was quite nervous on my first day because as I mentioned before I had never worked at an office and overseas companies. Also working at a Canadian local company was a very big challenge for me. However, Derek and other coworkers are pretty friendly, so they alleviated all of my fears. Derek was incredibly supportive to me. He gave me a lot of tasks and informative tips of marketing throughout his experience. My first task was creating the account of Flipboard and promoting it. I had never used Flipboard at that time, so at first I started to use it and research about what exactly Flipboard is. I picked up some good articles from other blogs or sometimes from our website managed to get 645 followers on our account. https://flipboard.com/@kikamarketing/kika-marketing-akeb4qkpy

I started to work on other social media platforms as well. Eventually, we got 1254 likes on Facebook, 1835 followers on Twitter and 1496 followers on Instagram. It was pretty hard to come up with ideas on each social media’s post. That is probably the most challenging part of my internship. These are our social media platforms that I worked on. Please take a look, like and follow us!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kikamarketing/?ref=hl

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kikamarketing

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kikamarketing_/ 

Finally, I would like to say thank everyone to all the people who helped me. I greatly appreciate that allowing me to experience the actual workplace in Canada. I believe that this will contribute to my future success.