Download Google’s Official Content Guideline

January 4, 20162 Minutes

Google ranks website content by algorithm and by human raters.

Recently Google published the human rater rating guidelines booklet which can be downloaded at this link.

Knowing what Google considers high quality content will help you in ranking high for targeted search queries.

So what does it take to rank high with Google for content? Here are the highlights:

1. “Must be at the at the top of Page”

Your content must be found front and center at the top of your page. You do not want a user to have to scroll down the page to get to the content that will address the searchers query. This is of great importance to Google. To Google this is as important as quality of your content.

2. The content must be E-A-T

What’s E-A-T?

E-A-T stand for Expertise – Authoritativeness –Trustworthiness. In other words “Can you trust the source of this content?”.

If you’re an expert in your field, make sure to advertise that fact in your content. If not, “borrow” authority by citing lots of sources and experts.

3. The content must meet a user’s expectations

Google will rank pages that contain content that makes the user exclaim “This is what I wanted great I have my answer now”. On the opposite side of this spectrum content that does not meet this subjectiveness test will retain a low quality score. This is a a gut response.

If you address Google’s content rating requirements as per above you will be guaranteed of a prominent result in the search engines search result.

Good luck with your content optimization.