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  Anyone that  undertakes a PPC campaign via Awords inevitably  will  face the challenge of improving the account’s performance, i.e., optimizing the account. The question and fervent   wish that everyone will voice, and ponder  when starting on the quest  will be something to the effect  “how can I do this quickly and make sure that it works?” In answer, apply the following recipe and you’ll accomplish your account optimization easy, fast and effectively:   Step by Step: Step1, Login to your account and per campaign select the keywords tab, view the average campaign CTR and then sort CTR from lowest to highest. Now, pause every keyword with an impression count above 500 and a CTR below average. Similarly for any keywords with zero impressions. Step2,  Login to your account and per campaign select the keywords tab, select all broad match keywords and view the expanded keyword matches that Adwords has matched the keyword with. Now select all the root keywords that are obvious mismatches and enter them as negative keywords. Step3, Login to your account and per campaign select the keywords  and enter the view column that shows the quality score for the keyword, sort the keywords from low to high and then pause keywords with a quality score lower than 6. Step4, Login to your account and per campaign select the Ads tab per Adgroup. Now check if you have at least one text ad with automatic keyword insertion set-up, if not make sure that there is one present per Adgroup. Step5, Login to your account and per campaign select the Ads tab per Adgroup. Now check if you have at least one text ad that depicts a searcher’s need in the text headline. (example: “Looking for a copywriter?” instead of “The best copywriter”). You will come and compare results. Step6, Login to your account and per campaign select the Ads tab per Adgroup. Now check the lading page availability and the landing page that you’re currently using with your text ad. Select an alternative and direct traffic to that page. Check after 100 clicks against your current conversion rate, select the winner. and… that’s  it… you’re done. How about you do you have a favorite optimization routine of your own? Richard

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Chloe and Takuto had some fun decorating the Christmas tree this week. Chloe is doing and internship from Korea and had never had the chance to decorate a tree before. She was all giggles....lol. Thanks guys for the great teamwork.  

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Hardening Joomla with Akeeba Admin tools 1 / 2

CMS powered websites had always and will always be a target of attacks. Usually for the purpose of SEO poisoning, Joomla is no stranger to this attacks. Constant vigilance in updating Joomla and its installed components ( from reliable component providers of course ) provides some level of security to the Joomla website.

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Creating custom email signature in Outlook OWA using Wisestamp

Email signature is like your business card. It contains important information such as your name, your position, the name of company you are representing, and of course contact information like email, phone numbers and social media accounts. Some users would like to have their email signature unique and different, something that you cannot achieve with templated signatures. You can do this by using Custom HTML. But thanks to Wisestamp, this is possible. In this article we are going to show you how it is done using Wisestamp.

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A love-hate relationship with commercial template

Most front-end developers have this love / hate feeling to make own templates or themes by doing it their own way. From reviewing the design mock-ups, planning the html structure, choosing the better framework to use (optional), to integrating it with your favorite CMS (Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, etc), website development is quite a long process. Though its not a smooth one, the end result gives a sense of fulfillment, both professionaly and personally.

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Our Role at BUNKR
13 November, 2017


Notre Rôle au BUNKR
13 November, 2017


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13 November, 2017


Kika in the Cannabis Industry
13 November, 2017


Kika Marketing au coeur de la communauté numérique
10 November, 2017



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