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The New Standard in HTML5 Animation

I've been in the industry for 10 yrs now (started doing interactive stuff as a freelance when I was 19) and I encountered every new technology when it comes to making things move on screen. Flash was the main standard back in the day when it comes to animation and you're considered as one of the "cool kids" in the industry if you know how to control this technology. The Flash technology made me pay a LOT of bills and taught me how to be a designer and an adept programmer at the same time. But as any other technology, change is inevitable and that change was accelerated by Apple's Steve Jobs - making Flash's popularity dwindle over the years.

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Ajax based reCAPTCHA v2 implementation using PHP + jQuery

In this post we will be implementing an Ajax based reCAPTCHA v2 validation using PHP and jQuery. Google's new reCAPTCHA makes it easier for a user to attest that they are human by simple clicks, compared to the old reCAPTCHA where you have to figure out the CAPTCHA out of characters infused in distorted images.

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cPHulk - Whitelist an IP address on command line to access locked WHM.

So you are new to cPanel, everything is working ok and then suddenly you can't login to your server's WHM. Most likely causing it, is cPanel's cPHulk locking your IP access to WHM.

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13 November, 2017


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13 November, 2017


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